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Crosse-Over Time Card Module

The Time Card Module by Crosse-Over Designs is a software module that installs and is compatible with the nationally available accounting software from Open Systems, Inc. - OSAS.  This Time Card module, along with the standard payroll module from Open Systems, provides a complete payroll solution for work centers that employ the disabled and pay piece rates and sub-minimum wages.  Additionally, the other accounting modules (GL, AR, AP, etc.) from Open Systems may be added to form a complete accounting system.

We are happy to give an on-line demonstration of our system that takes less than 1 hour.  All you need is an internet connection and a phone on your end.  We can allow you to view our screen over the web as we demonstrate and discuss our system.  Give us a call at 608-781-6734 to arrange a personal demonstration.

The Time Card user's manual is available here.

Sample Time Card module reports are available here.

Below is a brief summary of the system.

The Time Card system performs the broad functions of:

  • automatic calculation of all pay amounts for salaried, hourly, or piece rated work
  • providing a wide variety of labor costing, pay rate, and productivity reports

The Time Card system allows you to define programs (or departments), employees, prevailing wages, operations, and work orders used by your company. In each employee's file are up to 23 different pay rates. For each operation you define the pay code: salaried, hourly, piece work, etc., along with the prevailing wage and normal pieces per hour if piece rated. The Daily Work-Time Card entry screen then allows you to enter the transactions for each employee for each day.

If you elect to enter the times in and out, the system calculates the hours worked. All pay amounts are figured automatically. The time cards can be printed and proofed, then posted to a pay period accrual file. The accrual file keeps totals for each employee for the current pay period. The detailed transactions are always kept in a time card history file for further detailed or summary reports after the pay period is completed. The total wages accrued for each employee for the current pay period can be printed and proofed, then adjusting or additional entries can be made and posted.

Automatic Calculations For The Pay Period


If you define an employee as having a guaranteed wage, the system will check each work week to see that the employee has made the guarantee. If not, the system will automatically generate the subsidy wages to bring the pay amount up to the guarantee.


The system can automatically check for more than 8 hours per day, or 40 hours per work week, and calculate the amount of overtime pay automatically.

Holiday Pay

In companies where employees work for various lengths of time, on many different jobs, at many different rates, it can be difficult arriving at a fair and accurate way of calculating how many hours and at what rate to pay holidays. The system will allow you to define an evaluation range of dates, then, for that date range, calculate the average number of hours each day the employee worked, and the average pay rate. Each employee can then be paid for a holiday based on their average day.

Open Systems Compatible

The Time Card module is written in the same language used by Open Systems Accounting Software. The Time Card module installs like any standard Open Systems module and will perform and appear like the rest of Open Systems.

The system is designed to work in conjunction with Open Systems Payroll for issuing the pay checks. After the Time Card system has done all its calculations for the pay period, the accrual file in the Time Card system holds the pay for each employee for the current pay period. You can then use Open Systems Payroll to calculate, print, and post the checks. From the time you finish proofing and posting your work in Time Cards, to the time you print checks in Payroll can be a matter of minutes.  The transfer between the two modules works seamlessly. 

Open Systems Payroll will take care of all miscellaneous deductions, tax withholdings, and check printing on a pay period basis. It will also perform the quarterly tax reporting and W-2 reporting at the end of the year.

Other Interfaces Available

Some companies use our Time Card module to handle the specific needs of client/consumer payroll processing, but use some other system to issue the paychecks.  We have designed interfaces to pass gross wages from our system into ADP, Ceridian, Great Plains, MIP, and other accounting systems.  Contact us for more information or to discuss your situation.

Flexible Data Collection Options

For increased efficiency, we offer options for data collection that will make detailed payroll processing much easier.  Of course, data entry can be made using our efficient data entry screens.  Using an Excel spreadsheet template to collect data is another option which allows supervisors to collect data in a very efficient way.  The spreadsheet is then imported directly into the payroll system, saving significant data entry time.  Another option involves using a web-based time keeping system, where supervisors and staff can enter time for themselves and for consumers in real-time if desired.  The data is then imported directly into the payroll system.  Call us to discuss how we can automate the collection of your payroll data.

Flexible Reporting Options

Even after the pay checks are printed, the Time Card system has many valuable functions to perform with the historical data. The user can select a wide range of reports. One of the report pick screens appears as:

As you can see, the user can pick a desired range for all the key data fields. In this way, you get just the report you want, and not a lot of wasted paper. But then again, you don't have to use paper at all. As with all standard Open Systems reports, you can direct the report to the printer, a disk file, or the screen.

In a company that pays piece rates and/or multiple hourly rates per employee, these reports from the Time Card system become invaluable. You can evaluate employees based on their percent productivity (% of norm), or you can see the total labor costs on each operation or job.

Some Features Of The Time Card System:

· Allows the setup and maintenance of piece rated and hourly operations

· Allows for an unlimited number of hourly rates per employee, and each employee can have a unique rate for each operation

· Allows for the definition of an additional benefit rate for selected operations which can be used for NISH contracts

· Allows for the entry, calculating, and printing of daily time cards

· Allows for the re-calculation of pay rates on unposted time cards at any time

· Prints an errors and omissions report of the time cards to identify missing time cards, or missing hourly rates

· Allows for the automatic calculation of subsidy (minimum) wages, overtime, and holiday pay

· Automatically transfers wage information into Open Systems Payroll for the calculation of pay checks

· Allows for the calculation of average productivity and dollar-per-hour rates, and can optionally update the employees rate table with these average rates

Some Features Of Open Systems Payroll:

· Allows for easy handling of taxable wages and deduction exclusions for pre-tax cafeteria plans

· Maintains Monthly, Quarterly, and Year-To-Date totals for each deduction for each employee

· Allows for the automatic accrual of Vacation and Sick Time for each employee

Some Features Common To All Open Systems Compatible Programs

· Can be run on single user, multi-user, or networked computer systems

· F1 for help, provides field sensitive, user modifiable help screens

· F2 for Inquiry, allows you to display a lookup window for each key field, allowing you to see and select from the available keys

· F6 for Maintenance, allows you to add or edit related data files on the fly. For example, you can add or edit employees or operations as you enter time cards without having to exit to a menu

Sample File Maintenance Screens

Below are samples of the input screens used to maintain the Time Card Employee File and the Operations file.

Key Fields:

Employee ID 6 characters alpha/numeric

Program/Department 6 characters alpha/numeric

Operation ID 8 characters alpha/numeric

Prevailing Wage Category 1-99 numeric