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How to download the complete W-2 program file.

Note: This update media file is for use with OSAS v7.6 or higher.  This contains the necessary changes for tax year 2011.

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Before you download and save the W-2 program file you should create a new folder on your system that will be used to save this file.  This folder should be accessible to your payroll system.  A good place may be to create a new folder under the OSAS program folder.  Your program folder location may be OSAS76 or similar name.  Maybe call this folder W2UPDATE.  Once you have created this new folder in the desired location, you are ready to download the program file.

When you click on the link below, a window will appear prompting you for a user name and a password.  Enter the name and password that has been provided to you.  Names and passwords are case sensitive.  In testing I have found that after I enter my password, the system sometimes comes back with a message that the file is unavailable.  If you get the file unavailable message, just try it again.  It should work.  If after several tries you can't get in, email us or give us a call. 

After you validate your password, you will get a File Download window on the screen.  There should be a bullet next to Save this program to disk or a selection of buttons to run or save this file.  You do NOT want to run this program, you want to SAVE it.  Go ahead and click <OK> or click the <SAVE> button to save the file.  You must change the Save In Location to be the new empty folder you created above.  Keep the file name  XW22011v76.ZIP.

Click here to start the download of the W-2 program file for OSAS.

Before we leave the website, let's download the documentation as well.  Click on the link below to save the documentation file.  The documentation is provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  Select the link below.  Your browser may download and open the document automatically, then you can choose to Save the file once it is open, or you will be prompted to save the file when you click on the link.  In either case, you can save this file in My Documents if you like or save it in the same folder you created above for the program download.

Click here to download the W-2 Documentation file (PDF format).

Exit out of the internet and return back to Windows.

The new program file you saved is a zip archive file.  The program update file contains several files all compressed into one.  Having a compressed file speeds-up the download, and makes it easier than having to download over a dozen individual files.  It also contains a couple of subdirectories for those files.

You must follow the instructions below to expand this file.  It contains subdirectories that will not be created properly if you use standard unzip procedures.  To expand the archive file, you must do the following:

Now that you have saved the download to a location on your server, you will need to extract the archive so it can be installed.  Go through My Computer or Explorer, to the folder where you saved the update (W2UPDATE).  You should find the XW22011v76 file here.  <Right-Click> on this file, and choose Extract All.   When you go through the extraction wizard, you will need to edit the directory location the wizard provides.  Remove the \XW22011v76 from the directory location.  The location should simply end with folder location name you are in (W2UPDATE).  Go ahead and complete the extraction of the files to this folder.  You should see PROGPA and SYSFIL folders as well as a PAAPPL text file in this folder now.

How to install the program in OSAS.

You only need to install the program in one company.  Program installations automatically effect ALL companies.  It doesn't matter which company you are in when you do it, but only do it once.

Go into Open Systems, Resource Manager, Installation and Configuration > Directories.  Make sure that the Install directory near the top has the full path to the directory where you saved the program.  Change the directory, and be sure to Write your change.  NOTE: This directory location may be tricky.  If you are on a server, you would use the location of the folder relative to the server, not your workstation.  If you created the W2UPDATE folder under your main program folder (OSAS76), then you could use the directory of:  ../W2UPDATE.  The two dots before the folder name specify to look for the folder under the main program folder.  If you have trouble with this, give us a call.  The folder can be located anywhere accessible by Open Systems, you just have to know where it is, save it and expand it in this location, and specify the correct location here to do the install.

From your OSAS main menu, once again go to Resource Manager, and choose Installation and Configuration > Install Applications.  You should select ALL applications, and <PgDn> to accept YES to installing all components.  You can then select DONE, and the program will be installed.  When the install is complete, the main menu will appear.