Training Videos

These short videos are provided for informational purposes only.  They are not intended to be a substitute for formal training when necessary, and they do not try to cover every aspect of each topic.

You may select the video you are interested in by clicking on the link provided by the name.  The length of each video is shown next to the name.  The name link will take you to to play the video.  You may also use the WMV link to play the video using Windows Media Player.  (May be necessary if youtube is blocked on your network.)

GL Tips and Tricks  24:03    WMV    Notes on year-end processes and using the Journal, Activity, and Trial Balance reports in the GL.

Output to a file then Excel  8:20   WMV   Using a GL Trial Balance report as an example, video shows how to output to a File then convert that file into a spreadsheet.

Setting Up Employer Paid Deductions  19:45   WMV   Goes through the setup considerations for employer paid deductions and also shows how to make deductions appear on the W2 in box 12.

Process W2s Part 1  13:10   WMV    Discusses processing W2s from the Extract to the Proof Reports.

Process W2s Part 2  12:24   WMV    Discusses processing W2s from Printing forms to creating electronic media.

How To Reconcile W2s   13:16   WMV    Discusses reports to use to reconcile W2 figures.

W2 Printer Setup  10:13   WMV   Shows how to define a printer in OSAS Resource Manager for aligning the W2 forms.

Payroll Calculate Checks Part 1  14:23    WMV   Overview of the Calculate Checks function as well as the Manual Checks function.

Payroll Calculate Checks Part 2  7:31    WMV    Last part of the Calculate Checks overview (see Part 1).

Payroll Periodic Processing  8:32     WMV    Review Quarter-End and Year-End periodic processing in Payroll.

Reconcile AR/AP to the General Ledger  8:10    WMV    Look at one method to reconcile your Aged Trial Balance report in AR or AP with the corresponding account balance in GL.

AR-AP Periodic Processing  10:20    WMV    Many users omit performing regular periodic processing in the AR and AP modules.  This video details what should be done each period.

How To Correct Posted Time Cards  10:09    WMV    Shows steps for making corrections to time card entries that have already been posted, either for the current pay period or a previous period.

Using the HISSUM.csv file to calculate back pay 13:00    WMV    Shows steps for exporting from Special Reports to the hisssum file and then using Excel to calculate back pay.

How To enter back pay in Time Cards  5:40    WMV    Shows how to enter back pay in Time Cards using an operation setup just for that purpose.

Using Manual Checks to test Tax W/H ; 15:00    WMV    Shows how to use the Manual Checks function to test and find the appropriate tax withholding setup using data from the 2020 W-4 in the old payroll system.