GOOD NEWS!  There are no changes to the W-2 reporting specifications for TY2021.  So if you are still using the payroll module, you should be able to process the W-2 reporting in the same way you did last year. However, because of the pandemic and certain tax changes made (for example: dependent care benefit in box 10 can now be increased to $10,000), and these tax changes should be reflected in your figures.  This may also affect your reconciliation with your quarterly 941s.  So while no software changes are required, you may need to be on your toes to make sure the figures and taxes are what you want.  Be sure to read the instructions for Form W-2 from the IRS website.

Year-End and Payroll Updates

Be sure to obtain a PIN from the Social Security Administration for submitting your W-2 data electronically over the BSO website. You can do this at:

SSA BSO Online site

State Tax Payroll Updates:

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