From:                                         John Richards <>

Sent:                                           Friday, December 18, 2015 11:26 AM

Subject:                                     Crosse-Over Year-End Updates


Season’s Greetings from Crosse-Over Designs!

December 18, 2015

Another year is quickly coming to a close.  Here are just a few notes as we begin that very busy season for payroll and accounting processing.

W-2 Processing

There are no changes to the forms this year.  As in the past, I recommend using the 4-up condensed form.

At  look for form:  BW24UP05

At  look for form: 82635

I do recommend all companies submit federal and state W-2 information in electronic format.  So you really only need the single page form for the employee’s copies.

There is no change to the W-2 program this year.  So the EFW2 file format for 2013 still is valid for reporting wages for 2015.  I do recommend users download and use the Accuwage program from the Social Security website.  Consult the SSA website for trouble-shooting problems if you have difficulty installing the Accuwage program.  My general tip would be to update to the latest version of Java, and if you have a 64-bit machine, you likely will need to install the 32-bit Java version.

Tax Updates

I have put on my support page the new tax tables I am aware of at this time.  All of the tax withholding changes are very minor, so you should not see a significant change in withholding.  Be sure to proof your withholding taxes after that first calculate of the year by looking at the Edit Register to see that the tax totals on the last page are close to the usual figure.  If you inadvertently messed up a table, this is the time to find it. 

New tax tables:           Federal Withholding

                                    MN Withholding

                                    IL Withholding

                                    NC Withholding

No reported changes at this time for:  WI, IA, MI, KS, PA, or MT.

Note that while many states routinely change the Unemployment wage cutoff at the start of the year, I do NOT follow these changes or send out notifications.  So you should monitor your state cutoff for unemployment.  The wage cutoff is found in Payroll, File Maintenance, Tax Tables, where the table ID is:  SUTxx  where xx is the postal abbreviation for the state.  For those who have a percentage in this table to calculate the unemployment tax, you can also change the rate as your rate changes based on notifications from the state directly to you.

Website Support

The location of the home page remains:


This time of year, the Support page will be of key importance.  This is where you will find the tax table updates and instructions.

Don’t forget to check out the Training Video page.  These videos can help with many common areas where I receive questions.

As January 1nd falls on a Friday, many companies will be processing payrolls very quickly at the end of December.  Remember, if the check date falls in December, the wages will be reported as 2015 wages and reported on this year’s W‑2 statements.  So be careful about manipulating the check date.  If the check date normally falls in January, then you should usually not manipulate the date to be in December.  This can have tax consequences and also cause problems with scheduled miscellaneous deductions.  If you use direct deposit, you cannot use a check date that is a federal banking holiday.  If you print paper checks, you can use any date you wish that is appropriate.

As a reminder, those sites that are Payroll only (and do NOT have the GL module) and are using v7.6, with v7.6 comes the new requirement that you create the period conversion table before you can calculate checks in Payroll.  If you do NOT do this, you will get a message when you go to calculate the first payroll of 2016 that the period conversion table could not be found.  The notes on how to fix this can be found at:

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

John Richards

Crosse-Over Designs