From:                                         John Richards []

Sent:                                           Friday, March 08, 2013 10:01 AM

Subject:                                     Java Update and OSAS


To all Users,


This week, the publisher of the Java language (Oracle), pushed out an update to the Java language that will crash your OSAS system if you use the Java (BBj) version of OSAS and if you perform the Java update.  The problem is that the new update also removes the older version 6 of Java that is required by OSAS.  If you perform the update of Java, you may see one of the messages:  Cannot Connect to port request server or BBj is not supported in Java version 1.7.


The icon you use to launch the system will often have either the designation BBj or VPRO5 as part of the title of the icon.  Java only affects the BBj version.  If your system says VPRO5, then you can ignore this warning. 


How do you tell which version you have?  If you look at the Main menu of the system (in graphical mode), then you can tell.  You will see a reference to BBj or PRO5 right below the menu bar in the top left of the screen.


Here is the BBj version:




Here is the VPRO5 version:



Again, if you have the VPRO 5 version, then you can ignore this warning.


If you have the BBj version, then you should NOT perform the Java update.  You should instruct your technical support person to not perform the update.  Make sure all users of OSAS know about this warning.


I will put together more detailed notes and instructions on how to disable the updates, and I will publish those notes on my website.  I can work with your technical person if they have any questions.


I will send you a link for my website when I have the new notes in place.


John Richards