Merge Time Card History Files

What does this program do?

This program is a special merge program used to combine two Time Card History files. This program is not for general use, but only used in special circumstances under the direction of our office. I have also included a special purge program that removes the tail end of the history data file. In cases when problems occur during a post function, we sometimes must remove the tail end to prevent double posting some entries.


The program can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. This will prompt you to save the single file: XOHIMRG.PUB or XOHITAIL.PUB. This is an Open Systems compatible program file. It should be saved in the Time Card program folder on your system. This would generally be something like: O:\OSAS6\PROGXO. Your program directory may vary, but it will always end in PROGXO. So when you download the file, save it directly to this program folder, or save it on a floppy and copy it to the folder later.


Click here to download the XOHIMRG.PUB program.


Click here to download the XOHITAIL.PUB program.




Running the Merge Program

Once the program is downloaded and in place you are ready to run the merge.




It is always a good idea to have a backup of your files before performing a merge. At the very least, make a copy of the XOHIx file (where x represents your company ID).


Before you run this program, it is assumed that you have a current live XOHIx file, and you want to merge another file with the live file. This can sometimes be necessary, for example, when you face a damaged XOHIx file that needs to be taken offline, repaired, while an empty file is put in its place. Later, it is then necessary to merge the repaired file with the smaller live file that may only contain one pay period of data.


To execute this program, go to Crosse-Over Time Cards, Master File Lists, Programs. When you get to the prompt for program ID, press the F4 key. From the selections available, choose CALL A PRO/5 PROGRAM. On the program line, enter: XOHIMRG.PUB. Skip the parameter line, and <PgDn> to proceed. This will launch the special merge program.


There is one input required to run the program. You must give it the data file name to merge. The program will then combine the current XOHIx file with whatever file name you give it to merge. The merge file should be in the same data directory as the live XOHIx file so that the program will be able to find both data files.


After you enter the file name, the program will begin merging the two files. When it is finished, the program will return to the place where you called the program from that being the list program. You can then exit back to the menu. After the merge, the program does NOT delete the merged data file. You may delete this file as desired after you are confident that your data is in place. You can print some special reports (i.e. Time Card History Summary) to see that all your data is in place. The live file is XOHIx (with no last name) so be sure to leave this file alone after the merge.