Crosse-Over IL Tax Update


Illinois has a minor change to their tax table effective January, 2023. The tax rate remains the same at 4.95%, but there is a small increase in the personal allowance. The net effect is that the tax may decrease by just a few pennies. Update your table after you perform YEAR-END maintenance and prior to calculating the first payroll in January or as soon as you can.

You only need to make changes in one company.  Tax Tables are shared among all companies in your system.

Be sure to double-check your state withholding when you calculate your next payroll.  An inadvertent mistake could cause the tables to not function properly.

  1. Choose File Maintenance from the Payroll menu.
  2. Choose Tax Tables from the File Maintenance menu.
  3. Enter the table ID you wish to change (see below).
  4. Press <PgDn> or OK to save each table.
  5. After you save your changes, call up the table again to proof your work.

NOTE: The third line of the table with 1000.00 may be zero in your table. It will not affect anything if you set this line to 1000.00.



*---------------------------------- PATX -------------------------------------*
| Table ID STXIL      Description Illinois State Withholding                  |
| Number of Cols   1  Column Length  12     Type  N                           |
|TAX % EXEMPT                                                                 |
|------------                                                                 |
|        4.95                                                                 |
|     2625.00                                                                 |
|     1000.00                                                                 |
|        0.00                                                                 |
|         .00                                                                 |
|         .00                                                                 |
|         .00                                                                 |
|                                                                             |
*- Company H -------------- Quick ----------------------------------- Verify -*