The OSAS version 7.6 has a feature to Import Transactions from Excel. In the Resource Manager, System File Utilities, Import Definitions, you can define the layout of the sheet. One example of a sheet could look like this:

DATE should be in the MM/DD/YYYY format

PERIOD should be 2 digits

SOURCE should be 2 characters and usually starts with an M

REFERENCE is up to 8 characters

ACCOUNT is a valid account

DESCRIPTION can be up to 25 characters

AMOUNT enter all DEBITS as a positive number, and all CREDITS as a negative

All fields should be populated with data. After you enter your data, you can do an autosum on the AMOUNT column, and if your debits and credits equal, the total will be zero. Keep a backup copy of this sheet template. When you save the sheet, save it two ways: keep the format of the sheet and save as a workbook (xlsx), then also save as a CSV (Comma Delimited) file. The import feature in OSAS does not read directly from xlsx files, so the file needs to be in the correct CSV format with NO headings or subtotals when it is imported.

Click HERE to download the sample sheet.

In the Resource Manager, the import definition can be defined under System File Utilities as: