Payroll v7.6 Issue with accounting period conversion table


Version 7.6 of the system has a new feature that requires the setup each year of the accounting period conversion table.  If your system includes the GL module, then when you perform the function: Create Last Years Data in the GL, then your system will automatically create the GL period conversion table for the new year and you should not have this problem.  However, if you do not have the GL module configured for this payroll company, then you will need to manually define the accounting periods for the new fiscal year.  For most companies, this issue comes to a head with the new calendar year (January), otherwise it will be an issue when you start your new fiscal year (often in July).


Caution:  If you do have the GL module on your menu, you should NOT update the table manually.  Instead you should use the GL function to Create Last Years Data.  Even if you transfer GL between companies, each company needs to be in the correct year for all companies to be syncronized and for the transfer of postings between companies to work properly.


The screen below shows the message you will receive when you try to calculate your first payroll of the fiscal year if the conversion table is missing:




To define the period conversion table manually, go to Resource Manager, Company Setup, Accounting Periods.


            Current Fiscal Year                 Enter the new year

            No of Periods/Year                 This should be 12


After you enter these two setting, you will be prompted to <PgDn> or <OK> to proceed.


            Fiscal Year                              Enter the new year


When you enter the new year again, you will see the message below:



You should enter YES to auto-populate the table.  After you do, the system will translates dates for each month into the appropriate accounting period.  If you do NOT have the GL module installed, and you run Payroll as a stand-alone application, and you manually do your accounting of payroll entries, then setting this table to match the calendar year is probably just fine.  In other words, if you are not automatically interfaced to GL, then this conversion table can always follow the calendar year.


Please refer to the complete documentation for this function that can be found in the PDF document RMDOC found in your Document folder where the system is installed.


After the table has been populated, you MUST save the table by using the Write option at the bottom of the screen.  You will be asked to confirm the write with a YES response, and the new table is saved.




After you have saved the file, you will be taken to the top of the screen.  You can exit back to the menu and the new conversion table should be in place.